DUA is a non-profit organization whose mission ensures the opportunity for players of both sexes to participate in organized programs of team play. We strive, for all players, to encourage passion and enthusiasm for all sports and to promote respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, referees, fans and self. The DUA program serves Driftless area children from assorted educational backgrounds, including, public, private and home schooling. Additionally, the program has attracted from as far away as DeSoto and Hillsboro, thereby bringing a diverse group of children together to enjoy each other’s company in the freedom and discipline of sport.

Driftless United Athletics would like to insure that all who want to play on one of our teams will be able to, regardless of financial means.  With that in mind we have developed a scholarship fund which allows us to give out partial scholarships for athletes participating in any of the four fall season teams or futsal teams.

The number of scholarships available each year is directly dependent on how much money has been contributed to the Fund the year prior. The Scholarship Fund is generated through direct donations and through a percentage of the parent volunteer work hour “Opt Out” fees. To contribute to our scholarship fund, please make checks payable to DUA, write “Scholarship” on the memo line, and mail to: Driftless United Athletics, P.O. Box 12, Viroqua, WI 54665.

To contribute to our soccer pitch, please click the “Donate” button to the right. It will take you to our PayPal account—an easy and safe way to donate to your favorite, neighborhood soccer program. Or if you would prefer to mail a donation, please make checks payable to DUA, write “Field Project” on the memo line, and mail to: Driftless United Athletics, P.O. Box 12, Viroqua, WI 54665. We are truly thankful for your support.

Driftless United Athletics (DUA) is run by a volunteer Board of Directors. 2016 current board members are:

  • Suzie Howe, President
  • Katie Getz, Secretary
  • Cecil Wright, Treasurer
  • Heidi King, Administrator
  • Kelsey Sauber-Olds
  • Cori Skolaski
  • Janelle Peterson
  • Patti Bursten Deutsch
  • Jonathan Dehlin
  • Emma Hughes, player representative
  • Coriander Dehlin, player representative
  • Trewor Howe, player representative
  • Emery Deutsch, player representative
  • Jae Arnold, player representative

Please email our Administrator, Heidi King, with any questions or concerns.

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